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Our team of professionals has high expertise and is well versed on the respective specializations. We seek to distinguish ourselves in giving out customizedsolutions which provide the best compromise between cost and quality.

View Our Design Expertise Shown Below:


Designed Smart Chargers for Inverters

Designed Battery Monitoring System for Cell Towers

Designed Dataloggers for Water Metering Applications

Designed Dataloggers and integrated with web and mobile apps

Designed Electronic Solutions for Water Purifiers

Designed Solar Microgrids for Rural Electrification.

Designed Chargers For Telecom Towers.

Designed Solar Picogrids for Rural Electrification

Designed AC LED Street Lights.

Designed Solar Fencing for forest Regions

Designed Solar LED Street Lights.

Designed LED Bulbs and LED Tube Lights

Designed Control systems for traffic light automation

Designed Solar Charge Controllers

Designed Electronic Solutions For Home Automation.

Designed fan control units for control panels.

Designed Battery Chargers.

Designed Electronic Solutions for Vaccum Sensing.

Designed Electronic Solutions for Room Heating

Designed Water level controllers

Designed Control Systems for Textile Automation.

Designed Fire alarming System

Designed Timers for Street Lights.

Designed Fuel Injector Tester for Automobiles

Designed Vehicle Horn Testing Power Supplies.

Design Ignition Testing Unit for Automobiles

Designed AC to DC Converters

Designed Backup Systems for Biometric Access System

Designed Led Drivers

Incorporated EMSYS
in 2011